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Catch up on the latest re-issues, gig news and scandal from the turbulent world of rock.

Reunion hits the skids

Skid Row guitarist Scotti Hill has ruled out a reunion with former frontman Sebastian Bach.

The singer split with band in 1996 and has been critical of them since.

However, he attempted to make peace with the band last year and also reported that talks about a reunion were taking place behind the scenes.

But now Scotti is adamant that won't happen, saying that the door was now shut because they now have a lot more trust in their current lead singer.

Scotti added that he appreciated the view of the fans, but said he didn't want to destroy the good relationships there are in the band at the moment.

Skid Row will return to the UK in March next year for two shows in London.

On line music young and old for Neil

Neil Young has announced plans to open an online archive featuring every piece of material he's ever recorded.

He's already set up his own streaming service where the archive will sit.

All the music will be linked to a timeline to show when it was made and he'll be updating it when he records new stuff.

Neil Young recorded his first single in 1963 in Canada.

He recently announced the release of his lost acoustic album Hitchhiker which was recorded in 1976.

Is there an Appetite for an anniversary show?

Guns N' Roses appear to be teasing a 30th anniversary celebration of their debut album Appetite for Destruction.

Adverts have mysteriously started popping up around New York City featuring the record's famous artwork and the hashtag APPETITE30TH.

Appetite for Destruction officially turned 30 on the 21st of July and fans are now speculating about whether the apparent Appetite celebration will take place at an invite-only gig or if Guns are playing a separate show altogether.

On their Not In This Lifetime Tour, Guns N' Roses have regularly been playing up to nine Appetite tracks as part of the setlist.

Under pressure to release more duets

Queen and David Bowie recorded a series of songs together that have never seen the light of day, claims a former roadie.

Peter Hince, the head of Queen's road crew in the early 80s said they recorded batch of original songs and covers of 'various rock classics' in the studio.

In the end, it was only the classic Under Pressure that was released.

He said there were other things recorded during that period, which were never finished or mixed. David did vocals on some of the other tracks which ended up not being used. So somewhere there is an archive of these songs.

His comments echo hints Brian May dropped about the recording sessions.

He revealed that Freddie and David locked horns during the sessions but not all of what was recorded has been heard outside of the studio.

Quo say: "Plug in? Whatever you want"

Status Quo have announced that they'll plug their instruments back in for an all electric UK tour later this year.

The band played several dates across Europe last year which were due to be the group's last ever electric performances.

But following the death of guitarist Rick Parfitt, Francis Rossi says that the landscape has now 'shifted' and they want to give fans what they want, a full electric tour.

He said the switch to acoustic shows was to accommodate Rick and his health issues.

The run of new electric shows will begin at in late November and will include Sheffield City Hall on the 27th.